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Date: Wed, 17 May 2017
From: Samantha Jackson <>
Subject: WVI Conference $175 fees to send to :

The WVIOffices in UNITEDSTATES, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM AND AUSTRALIA Subsidize World Vision International Conference Fees to Applicants who wants to Participate in the next WVI Training Programmes in DAKAR SENEGAL , UNITEDSTATES , CANADA UNITED KINGDOM and AUSTRALIA. Currently the fees are $175 USD per Applicant. Candidates who cannot come up with the Complete World Vision InternationalGlobal Conference fees are expected tosend the sum of $175 USD

per WVI Conference Applicant. ViaWestern Union / Money Gram to the WVI Conference DirectorPAUL GABRIEL in Dakar Senegal,West Africa Sub Region. You must email him Scan Copyof your Money Gram / Western Union Payment Receipt urgently via EmailAttachment to enable him Approve your WVI Conference File Number accordingly. Remember you have nothing to loose by placing order for the World Vision InternationalGlobal Conference in UNITED STATES, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM AND AUSTRALIA as you arecompletely covered by 30 ・ DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE i.e you are free to ask for a Refund of your Registration money ifafter obtaining the World Vision International Global Conference Forms and if youthink that you cannot make it to the WVI to Training Conferencesin UNITED STATES, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM and AUSTRALIA that isto let you know how confident we are about the informations contained in WVI Training Conferences in UNITEDSTATES.