WU information for known Cameroon pet scammers


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Jelly Cates

I bought an puppy from cameroon. i life in austria
and payd more than 800 euro...
they want even more money, but i dont pay anything more

If you want a dog, dont get to this person

Jelly Cates
Nelson Fonyuy


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Cameroon Dog Scam

I spoke to a Melisa Cambell by email about a yorkie puppy that she wanted to adopt out to a good family....I sent $120 by Western Union and she said she took the dog to the airport....several hours later I got five emails from Skynet Dog Services that said I need to send a refundable pet insurance fee by Western Union....I DID not do this because it was an additional $485.... I got suspicious and after finding all of these messages....it turns out it is a SCAM!!!!
The lady or whoever had the guts to email me back and say that this is not a hoax, but then I noticed that the home # she gave me and the Skynet Dog Services # are the same.....ONLY buy in the USA!!!!!!
Welcome Evaney, Nagato321 and Rossana Magalhaes.

@Rossana. You did get lucky and it's good to know people do find us before they become victims.

@Nagato321. That was a fair bit of money for a pet scammer and I'm so sorry to hear you lost that much. I'm glad you found us and will not be sending any more.

@Evaney. I'm sorry you lost some money too, fortunately you twigged that it was a scam before you lost more.

You are so right about only buying in the country you live in, preferably the same state and we advise that you NEVER buy a dog or pet you cannot see in real life for various reasons, unless you are buying from a reputable registered breeder and you can verify their membership to the KC, AKC etc.--what ever the governing kennel club in your area is called. Then it's OK to ship using a company who preferably has Yellow Pages or similar listings in your local phone directory. Look for recommendations in pet magazines and from respected online pet forums.

Always check the validity of a transport company if you do buy a pet from an interstate breeder, some scammers will pretend they are only a few hours drive away from you and for some reason they must ship the pet. Beware of the transporter having a fake or stolen website set up to make them look real.

They will go to great lengths to pull off these scams, but we are ever present and we never sleep.

One word to everyone, please do not feel ashamed that you were scammed by these criminals, they are professional scumbags. Share what happened to you with friends, family your church or community because education is the answer to putting these cretins out of business.

Try your local shelter for a dog needing a home or locate a rescue group for the breed you seek and put your name on their list.

May you always be safe.

almost but not quite

Here's another one

sheila christiana

of Western Australia

Send money to

First name: Tah
Last name: Harry
Country: Cameroon
City: Yaounde
postal code :237
Amount: $1200

On the form,you will see a section that require you to fill in a test question and to provide and answer to the test question.Please fill out the following:

Test Question: City of Birth
Answer: Perth.

33 Penton Ave
Batiment D


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Camerron pet scam in Sweden

I found 2 grey parrots on "blocket" - a sellingsite in sweden. I answered and a very nice guy answered my mail and asked me about my familysituation and so on. Then I should pay 5000 skr (558 Euros by the way I think) for the flight to Sweden from England...
I did pay that 5000 skr through Western Union...( what a fool I was...) But not to that man...it was to a derliverycompany called AWlocomotionltd...
Then they wanted me to pay 2200 euro (18000 skr) EY STOP !!!!!! THEN I understood that I was a big fool.........:mad: :mad: :mad:

I have been to the police, but I don`t think the swedish police can do anything...

Im sorry that my english is very bad...:D


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the "sellers" name was "Anthony Javier ( javiera61@live.com )

And the reciever of MY money was

Kassans Namn: ..DJU LANG ERIC
Huvudkontor Land: ..KAMERUN
Tillstånd: ..LITTORAL
Postnr: ..00237
Adress: ..34th cheer street

Belopp Som Skall Betalas ..5000 kronor = 558 Euros

PHONE NUMBERS: Tel : (+44)7031888517 & (+44) 1513241692
Just wonder if he is new I couldn`t find the bastard here:mad:


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He may be new or maybe we can't connect him up to anything. And don't worry about your English. It's a very multilingual website. We understand.


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Scammer!Beware of this man.

he pretends he is from Poland,but he wants you to send the money through western union to Cameroon!


Names: Blaise Mofor
Address: commercial ave
City: Douala
State: Littoral
Country: Cameroon
zip code: 00237


pet scammers!!

I almost got scammed this morning and then got like four emails that didnt make senese. I never go the persons number or adress and they said i had to send money through the western uinion to cameroon So i looked up the email online of the scammer and alot of other things came up like animals he was selling and all of them said different locations.
So if you ever see this email
[victoriabrow61@yahoo.com] its just another scammer!

oh and he also gave me this sob story how hisor her mom died and there in flordia right now and app five different states from what i noticed! So good luck!


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Hi, I have just recently been scammed i feel so stupid, it was for 2 husky puppies. I didnt catch on quick enough. I realised after i had just paid them, and found all these sites, then they asked me for another $1500 which i did not pay. I looked up the pictures in the companys email and there all in google.
Since i have been scammed i am on a mission to try and find people that have the same story, selling for free, etc etc, before other people get scammed.
the guy i got scammed off was:

Name: Tony Danza
Email: [danza12@blumail.org] (i think this got blocked by me) hehe sucker
the shipping company he used was called:
Infors Pets
location: Newry, Ireland
sent money to:
Name: Che Bliss
Country: Cameroon
City: Douala
Amount: $200
Address: 12 AV Airport Road
Zip/Area code:00237

I have found another two just now, which they have just responded to with the same story, i dont know how stupid they think i am. They are using a international company to fly within the same country.

These new ones are called:
Name: Figuero Amoreno
Email: [amorenofiguero@yahoo.com]
Location: Port Agusta SA (i said i would come there then said he moved to Perth WA)
Company: Secure Pets Shippers delivery agency

Next one is:
Name Alina Clav
Email: [alinaclav@yahoo.com]
Location: Alice Springs NT
Company: International Animals Pet shippers

Please If anyone needs help in identifing scammers i would be glad to help.Ill keep updating new info on scammers.

Any thing using western union - money gram DONT USE IT, they use this so it cant be traced. Any one clamming there pet is AKC registered there lying. I have spoken to them they told me they DO NOT REGISTER PEOPLE/PETS only companies. Sorry this is so long.

Dick H Box

@ Lillakia

Tel : (+44)7031888517 & (+44) 1513241692 << is a made-up No.
Just wonder if he is new I couldn`t find the bastard here
One trick is Googleing the phone Nos:

Which is our very own Assoua Achille Brice Eteki, the notorious scum-sucking Scameroonian. Now with Finnish adverts.
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Pet Scams

I was so close to being scammed by:



The offer was Two Siberian Husky Puppies for $300 including papers etc. I could never get an address or phone number. When I received a phone call this morning to confirm address and payment, it had been organised through a Western Union account based out of Cameroon.

I had heard of Scams coming out of Cameroon and did a quick google of email address and BOTH came up!

I guess if it is too good to be true, then it probably is!


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:) found it in time!! :)

Where did this person tell u they were? Im glad you didnt get scammed!! she told me she was in the NT but was using a shipping company that was internation, to travel with in aus.


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Scammed too

I for a email from Craigs list here in the USA and a person named Achaka Ferdinand said that they lost their daughter in a accident and gave me a long story about her Pug puppies need a home and wanted them to go to a good home. I sent 50 Western union on the agreement when the puppy arrived I would send the additional 80. Then I get a email from some "Pet Insurance" place saying it will be a additional 610 dollars. Well I email Achaka back and told them I cant do it and they said since was "refundable" they would pay 510 if I paid 100. I was dumb and did it. Now I got a email from a airport saying I had to rent a temp controled pet taxi and I just told Achaka hope they enjoyed the 150 and good luck cuz I was not sending another dime. I wish I found this before I sent the money. It sucks people are doing this. This person is from "Bameda" Cameroon... Never again will I "Trust" anyone again
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Hi, I'm from Colombia, I've also been ripped off by wanting to adopt a pet, please spread this social networking, news, in newspapers, the police report, ask ad pages do not publish this, write to the airlines involved in the post, I have seen cases for 2 years, does not allow more people to be cheated and that animals are used for their purposes. Please help spread the theft global, so that the authorities do something about it.


Pet scams!!!

I can not believe that falls into that blow, I am very sad to myself, could imagine that this was a blow to those very cheap, so I'm afraid now they keep bothering me, do not know what I do, please need help!!! :((


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The best thing to do is to delete any pet scam you receive. Just don't answer them. They are criminals who want to steal your money.

Scammed by Marh Englis

ebay classifieds dog ad

I wired money to Champaign, Ill. to Sandra Thompson who was the agent getting our dog to the airport. Marh English was selling the dog. He then said I needed to send more money as the cage was not flight appropiate. He has a Jamacian accent and writes and speaks poor english. He called often and was very sincere, but did not have a number we could get back to him on. Do not buy from anyone having a Jamican accent and don't buy a puppy you can not visit.


just wanted to let you guys know that i almost got duped into buying 2 yorkie pups for free and later he (he claimed he was a doctor and couldnt take care of them due the heat and his work schedule) said he needed 150 each for a flight activation fee im in NC the email said bobdigys puppies. he said his name was Achonwa Chenwi in Cameroon country and city Douala and province of Littoral zip code 237 streeet address Bonaberi 5442 test question Who cares? test answer God.
hes sent me 4 emails with pics and for some reason i felt it sounded hooey. i talked to my daughter about it and thats when she said some other girl had gotten scammed. thats when i started looking up the address and came upon u alls site.
i want to thank yall for saving me heartache and money. im a disabled female and all the money i have i need to live.
please could you tell me how to report this, i still have all the emails he sent