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From yAnA
Return-Path: <aristologicalw@precounsellord.facebookmeetz.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2015
From: yAnA <aristologicalw@precounsellord.facebookmeetz.com>
Reply-To: yAnA <kurilla.yana@yandex.com>
Subject: i remember you

hi.. how are you?everything is ok?
My name is Yana or simple Yanya. I am single lady and look for love.. So this is a reason why I am conatcting you:) If I am right you are single and want to find second half. Its true?
Well something more about me now: I am 30 years,I live in Russia,and I am health care worker. Single never married and have no kids. I enjoy life and have many different ways to spend spare time. My dream is to find serious relationships and love. So thats some facts about me. I will be happy if you will reply and say me more about you. Hope soon will read your email. Bye bye.

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Return-Path: becrawlx@foothillp.faceebookinbox.biz
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Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2015
From: Yana becrawlx@foothillp.faceebookinbox.biz
Reply-To: Yana yana.kurilaulei@yandex.com
Subject: Yana

good Day.. how are you?everything is ok?
My name is Yana. I am single lady and want to find love. So thats why I contact you:) I have information that you are single and looking for right woman. Thats correct?
Well something more about me now: My age is 30 years,I live in Russia,and I am a medical worker. Single never married and have no kids. Enjoy every day of a life and have many different interests and hobbies. My main wish is to find right man. So thats little about me. I will be happy if you will reply and write more about your personality. Hope to get reply from you soon. bye.

Note: The sender IPs dont appears into scammer database, but both emails recieved to me appears a Romance Scammer.
Also, his spanish are not good :)

I will post both emails in different post below of this.

Reply-To: Yana <bartonvivian06 @ gmail.com
From: Yana <pqurixei @plusmail. com. br> ( - Japan)
Subject: Hola!


Hola. Como estas? Es Yana otra vez. Te escribi un mensaje reciente. Ya lo tienes?
Usted como yo y yo quiero conocerlo. Espero que me conteste y podemos hablar.
Voy a esperar por su respuesta.
Reply-To: Yana <bartonvivian06 @ gmail. com>
From: Yana <afbknuy @ mail2visionary. com> ( - Poland)
Subject: Que tal esta Usted


Hola. Como estas? Mi nombre es Yana. Vi su perfil en un sitio de citas y me gusto.
Quiero conocerle y conocerle mejor.
Hablanos de ti. Que te gusta hacer? Que estas haciendo?
Te mando mi foto. Espero que te guste esto.
Esperare su respuesta.
Both emails have the same email addression "From": bartonvivian06 @ gmail. com, so is the same person with different emails in "To" mail2visionary. com and pqurixei @ plusmail. com. br.

Also, the same girl in both emails. Searching the girl picutes in the net I am looking that is this Russian person that appears in youtube:

From: yanamartysi1989@gmail.com
Subject: i'll be waiting.

Hey. Please read this to the end. It will not take a lot of time. And this is not spam. This is a letter from a girl who decided to share her wishes with you. Yes , with you. Springtime, what a wonderful time of the year. Everything blooms, and flowers blossom. It's so nice that people start to smile more often and the spring sun shines more and more. And in my soul also waking up a lot of new emotions and feelings. For what this letter? What it will give me? It will give me hope that everything can change very soon, and I will find the happiness that everyone dreams about but cant find. Yes, there is a career and job in people lives . And we always in a hurry somewhere. Sometimes I want to know that someone waiting for me at home, and i have someone to care about. I hope you agree that this is wonderful feelings of love caring and passion. Forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Yana. I live in Russia. What I want to say in this email, I want ordinary happiness. And I hope you'll want to answer me. With this letter I will send you a photo. I hope you read it and smiled.
From:, Mexico, Mexico City, Movistar Mexico
From: <airship@pcl.net>
Subject: I'm sure that I deserve true love.
Date: 30 Jun 2018 17:15:53 -0600

inviting to U from your mistress!

what's your age?

Where do You stay now?

My name is Yana.

I am unspoilt 38 y.o. chick living in Russia :)

presently I'm seeking vivid man.

I'm going to reply to You my picture attached,

write me to merisprincecca@gmail.com