Yandex search

Image searches are a great way to discover if someone is real or not. However the results can vary depending on which one you use. You can download browser add ons and apps that enable image search for your browser and we aren’t going to say which is better for you or recommend any in particular. What we can say is that the results on Google and Tineye can be almost useless but are part of the tools armoury and we prefer the Yandex search. Their image search is by far and away the best. It also includes facial recognition. So Photoshop results can appear too.
We all know that Cyrillic, or the Russian alphabet, is a secret code only used by spies and designed to confuse, but don’t be put off by the results seeming to be unintelligible. We give you a quick guide.
As usual, not finding an image does not mean the person isn't fake, it just means the image isn't posted somewhere the search engine can see it
yandex 1.jpg
yandex 2.jpg