You might be a 419 scammer if....

Garreg Ddu

Staff member
... you majored in Geography (not) and send emails claiming to be in Rome, France or Baltimore, London, UK with a Bolton UK postcode..... :doh:
Mugu & Maga were the first words you learned. You anticipate safaris to pick up your ill-gotten earnings. You dream in the color GREEN.... Envision yourself as the smartest idiot on the internet, regardless of how rediculous your name, title and scam format really is. You give directions to a lost person using WU and MG stations as landmarks. The only women you aspire to have are Gold-Diggin' 'Hoes', but you can't make enough $ to even get one's attention. You will say or do nearly anythingfor a quick buck. You believe in all the rediculous superstitions and juju because of the overwhelming dishonesty your inner-psychie struggles with. Your public schooling involves an internet cafe. You believe you are a business man/woman because you have an e-mail addy, maybe a phone #, and anyone you talk to somehow OWES you money for your lies.


Staff member copy and paste things from AFI because you think they are a good scam format you can recycle.


...when the business information you send me calling for "Account Representative" is not listed in any directory because it exists only in your imagination somewhere in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


Staff member think God, Jesus or Allah approve of or will bless your efforts to steal money from people.


Ninja start your scam letter with "My name is John Smith" and sign your name at the end "Smith John"........