Yuji Sakon, Medipal Holdings, Japan


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From: project manager <projectmanager266@gmail.com>
Date: May 8, 2020,
Subject: Re: Can you work with us in your region ?

Thank you for your response because I was worried for not hearing from you but I am glad that you have been keeping yourself safe from the Pandemic.

Medipal Holdings Corporation is a major Delivering of cosmetics, daily necessities, OTC pharmaceuticals, Animal Health Products, Food Processing Raw Materials for Wholesale Business and other products that are indispensable for healthy living direct to customers at low cost, we focus on international trade, intermediary trade and domestic trade.etc and export company that operates as a manufacturing and distribution of Wholesale etc, Medipal Holdings Corporation has kept pace with infrastructural technology of society and industry as an all-around manufacturer of Health and Food Processing Raw Materials with our head office base in Japan. This is a branch of our company in Japan.

In line with our business reorganization, we wish to contract you to act as our company representative and contact point in The United State /Canada. We will be seeking to engage your services in the area of collaborative customer's representative as our company financial coordinator in your region. Our aim is to project for real time service delivery to our customers and more importantly, we wish to eliminate the delayed in receiving and processing payment from our United State /Canadian customers by our local banks here in Japan.

It has been proven that customers will respond more timely in settling their due invoice owned when means of remittance is available within the confine of their region. Hence we seek reliable company or an entrepreneurial individual that can handle and act as our payment receiver and coordinator. The job requirement is simple and structure without affecting your preoccupation and it will only be requiring few seconds, minute or hour of your time as the case may be.

As our partner, you will be entitled to $4,000 monthly and (plus) 5% of any payment that is made to you from our customers and remitted through you.

You can make further communication with the President/CEO using the below information:

Mr. Shuichi Watanabe - President and CEO
Official Email: shuichiwatanabe@medipalholdingscorporation.com

I await your response.

Yuji Sakon
Add: 2-7-15, Yaesu, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-8461 Japan


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Should mention that medipalholdingscorporation.com does not redirect to the real company website now?

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It is a scam!!

Keith Beauford
Joseph Maxwell
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All liars and scammers!!
They will take your money, disappear and block your emails.