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Sapphire's Strike

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Received from:, UK, UK Ministry of Defence
Return-Path: pgo@queensu.ca
Subject: Business Representation
Date: 2016-11-15
From: pgo@queensu.ca
Reply to: pgo@queensu.ca

Yuta steel Co.,Ltd is currently interested in employing your service.We understand your busy nature, and we want you to know that this service is not time consuming.

Please reply for more details/job description.


Hi Sapphire's Strike,

Sorry for this situation occurring, I am a representative for Yutasteel Co. LTD, we do not send emails to others unless asked for quotations for a service for our products. We are based in Taiwan for over 30 years for steel pipe fabrications. Please ignore that email since it is not from us or any email pretending to be Yutasteel Co. LTD.

Central Scrutinizer

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It is a real company so it is corporate identity theft.
As she said. No one thinks this is from the real company. The email was from fake check scammers.