Zao Hideyoshi, Daichi Steel Corp

from: Zao Hideyoshi <>
date: Jul 31, 2018, 9:44 AM
subject: Dear

The Management of Daichi Steel Corporation thanks you for your acceptance to work with our company as its representative in your region

Daichi Steel Corporation is based in Japan. We engages in manufacturing of different steel products of all kind, such as Steel Plated, Steel Bar & Wire Rod Product, Hot-Rod Steel, Coated Steel Product of different shape and sizes. We have been providing services to Companies, Industries, and Factories in Asia, Europe Canada, and the USA.

Due to the high purchase of our products in Canada, we are looking forward to establishing our branch offices in some part of Europe. Until these offices are established, we need a reliable company/individual representative (irrespective of the business class or type) that can stand as an intermediary between our customers/clients in Europe and our Company (Daichi Steel Corporation). Hence we wish to contact you or your company as our “intermediary representative” in your region.

Such Individual/Company should be able to handle the below responsibilities on behalf of Daichi Steel Corporation in Europe as our Delinquent Account Receivable Agent/Representative:

(i) You shall maintain effective communications with the Management of Daichi Steel Corporation and its delinquent customers/clients in Europe.

(ii) You shall be in charge of collecting all overdue Debt owes to Daichi Steel Corporation by its customers/clients in Europe.

(iii) You shall Work together with the Management of Daichi Steel Corporation to seamlessly reach our company’s goal of retrieving all debt owe by its delinquent customers/clients in Canada. (iv) You shall maintain proper records of transactions with the Management of Daichi Steel Corporation.


You shall be entitled to a monthly Salary of $5,000 USD plus 7% commission on every Account/Payment you receive on behalf of Daichi Steel Corporation from it's customers/clients. Also if we are satisfied with your services to the ards our company within 90 days (3 Months) of your employment, we shall increase your monthly allowance by 10%.

Please get back to us if you are interested in working for Daichi Steel Corporation, so that we can send you our Memorandum of

Understanding/Agreement Document and other forms for you to fill. Please confirm to us that you are ready to work as our company representative in good faith, without any illegal act of any kind.

Regards, Zao Hideyoshi Daichi Steel Corp.
4-9-2 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-Ku, 542-1176 Osaka Japan
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Central Scrutinizer

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From: Zao Hideyoshi <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021
Subject: job offer

Dear Sir/Madam,
The Management of Daichi Steel Co. Ltd is in need of a Company/ Individual who can handle its Delinquent Account Collections in. Europe, North America (Canada).
If interested in this position, Please contact us for more correspondence. Email.