Zenab Abdul Rahman


Muhammad Tehseen

Hello Dear.

How are you today, dear? It's my pleasure to meet you, I like being open to you, I'm a woman who sees life, I've been in social life for many years, not really what is important in our lives, regardless of one's age, color, religion or success; Care, love, sincerity, loyalty, reliability and expression.

The most important thing in this life, the most beautiful thing God has ever created for me, is never seen, I just felt in my heart, I worked hard all my life, I have to think of something better, to enjoy my life and possibly have a family, maybe move to other places You should start investing, Anyway, I want to tell you a little bit, My name is, Zenab Rahman Abdul, I am from Pakistan, I was born in Muzaffarabad Pakistan and I left Pakistan at the age of 12, to United
Kingdom Plc I am a Senior Account officer / banker at Al Rayan Bank Bank of England, I lost my only 4-year-old daughter.

I got married but my ex-husband married another woman who caused our divorce, but that was no problem, because she accused me of being busy working as a banker, I didn't have time for her, but she refused. To understand that I was pursuing a purpose, I told him that I will resign soon and that we would have enough time for each other, but he was impatient, but between us, I'm happy because I have everything Ineed, That's why I'm thinking of moving into your country to invest and maybe managing a little company myself. I have.

Serving God is my greatest priority in life, because I believe that nothing exists without God's permission, which makes me believe in the joy of a friendship that gives me the opportunity to know me. So how do you connect with life? How's your country? When I was young, I did not have the opportunity to be out of England after leaving my country from Pakistan; I hope that knowing you will one day create a way for me to be there by the grace of Allah.

It's a bit about myself, and I hope you'll tell me about you, what you really do and your position at work, your marital status and you're happy to read from you, your country of origin. Your nation, everything you need to know about. Please, I'm definitely here for friendship, and I'm more than time.

Please, I would like to see any of your new pictures.

Thank you,
I would like to hear from you soon.
Yours. Zenab Rahman Abdul.